Friday, January 7, 2011

Visual Studio: Show active file in solution explorer

Just found a very useful VS feature in Ronald Wilda's blog:

I copy the solution here in case he decide to delete it.

One of the most annoying thing about Visual Studio default settings is the fact that the Solution Explorer doesn’t track what files you are currently looking at. Alot of developers thought this was the only way, and had to bear the pain of flicking through the Solution Explorer while scratching their head to figure out ‘where the hell I put this file?’.

Some have found a work around by using Visual Studio plugin like VS File Finder and Resharper (Ctrl + Shift + T / Resharper_GoToFile). While others found right clicking on the tab – open containing folder to be helpful enough.

There is actually a setting in Visual Studio that does this automatically.

Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

Just tick the box..and you’re all set!

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